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Spider Games

Mighty Spider


Shoot webbing and swing around the large human environment catching flies to gobble up as you go along. Complete each level by chowing down on all the flies before moving on to the next level.


Collect all the flies to finish the level. Find the flies by using your map.


Controls: Use the mouse to control the spider. Click to shoot your web. Hold the button to hang on and release to let go.



Spider Hunter

You will see a flashing green dot, which you need to collect. Scattered over the screen are butterflies, which will kill the spider if they catch it. They will follow the spider and you need to avoid touching them. You must remember that the spider moves slower over the green vegetation than over the bare ground.


Each time the spider is killed, you lose a chance. When you have lost 5 chances the game is over.


Controls - Press the space bar to start. Control the spider with the arrow keys.



Arachnid Falls


Type numbers and letters printed on the arachnids to save cherries in your ice cream and score maximum points.

This game will test your typing skills and keep you busy for a while. Your aim is to type letters and numbers printed on the arachnids accurately to protect your ice cream and get highest score. In order to achieve your objective, you need to type accurately and quickly to remove the arachnids otherwise they will capture cherries from your ice cream and eventually, you will lose the game.

You can also get extra bombs and lives by typing "Bomb" or "Life" when you see them written on flying bugs. Good Luck...




Arachnophilia: The Spider Web Game


Play Arachnophilia Game and live the hard life of a spider, spin webs and catch juicy flies and other insects. Eat flies quickly or web strands will break.


To spin new strands of webbing, just draw a line from one strand to another. You can design your web any way you like, but you have a limited amount of web fluid available, indicated by a gauge on the right. To replenish it, you must eat bugs, who fly in more or less randomly from the background. Meal time also restores your life gauge, which is constantly depleting. If your life reaches zero, your game is over.


Controls - Control your eight-legged heroine with the mouse. Click on a part of your web to scurry there using the shortest available path. Once an insect has caught itself on a piece of your web, click on it, and the spider will feed. To help you keep pace with the action, the game keeps your commands in a queue, displaying blue circles on bugs yet to be eaten and blue lines where webs are yet to be spun. Press [Space] to interrupt the queue when you need to react to new events.




Spiderman 3


Mary Jane has been captured by Venom! Help Spider-Man reach her in time by swinging across the building tops before time runs out.


Be sure to position yourself correctly for the jump! The lower you are on the swinging webs, the longer the jumps - the higher you are, the shorter the jumps.


Controls - Left and Right arrow keys: Move Left or Right. Up and Down arrow keys: Climb or Descend webbing. [Space]: Jump.




Spider Solitaire


Have fun, all the way you use your wits to play a game of spider solitaire.

Build 8 sequences down in a suit within the tableau (from King to Ace).